Welcome to the IKC registred Tangelcrest  Chinese Crested Kennel.

My adventure with chinese crested began in the year 2005 when I got my first dream crested - Quina (Tequila). She has a great character and is full of love- small little hairy hairless girl. She joined my apricot miniature poodle - Tina. Tina is full of fun, playfull and very clever dog. Thanks to her - my grooming experience started!

Since we moved to Ireland I realised that one crested is not enough, we need some more! I spent lots of time searching for the right puppy. Eventually I found her in England.

Our new addition to the family is Camoto Two For Tango (Tango) - powderpuff girl - long hair version of chinese crested. A lovely charming character and personality.

Tina and Tango are like twins now. They cannot live without each other.

My dogs have introduced into our house lots of joy, love and positive energy! They accompany me and my family members in our every day activities. I can not imagine living without my dogs , they are my whole life.

I would like to say a big thank you to the breeders of my dogs - Justyna Lewandowska from Wroclaw (Poland) and Helena Dzimira from Derby (England) for letting me have these gorgeous girls, that make my life so much more enjoyable!

Our gallery was created © by Janina Pagacz - a professional photographer. Thanks to Janina for her excellent work and all her help in compiling our site.

Justyna Romanowska